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Our passion

Sofas, armchairs and sofa beds are our core business: every finished item.
Is not just a goal for us, but also a starting point to improve product development, creating innovative solutions and designs.
In order to respond to and meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market, with special focus on design, comfort and attention to detail.

Design & Confort

The added value of our sofas is design - the result of a fine balance between Clean, assertive lines, and colours, materials and combinations designed to last over time.
Comfort is also a priority: it comes from our exploration of innovative technical solutions and our focus on requirements which may not be immediately obvious, but are critically important in order to guarantee comfort and well-being.

Our collections

All our products are entirely designed and built in our Workshops, divided into four collections, each of which is the outcome.

Of our study of specific needs and search for distinctive and common elements, resulting in a unique approach to the spirit and requirements of the customers for whom they are intended.

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logo easy

Diva Divani thinks, designs and produces sofas, with a manufacturing capacity of more than 4000 salons a month. Our product born from the idea of offering solutions that can meet the expectations of most...

logo home

The HOME line, which we present in this collection, embodies all the values that inspired our project. It is the name itself, HOME, from which every creative and realizing process draws its inspiration...

logo accenti

ACCENTI ITALIA has created a collection of design sofas, rich in stylistic details and imbued with an elegant and innovative taste, artfully conceived to afford sure comfort and relaxation. An understated...

logo phoenix

Creating a sofa with the aim to become the absolute protagonist of every living room and space at home is a good goal in itself, but our thought is to go further. The modern consumer is looking for...

What's new

In this section you will find a preview of our latest designs