Industry 4.0 and craftsmanship.


Advanced processes.

Our production site is located in Serbia, in the major manufacturing district of Vranje. It occupies a covered area of over 20,000 square metres, where approximately 400 people, including technicians and staff, work in the facility’s various different departments.

The manufacturing process is vertically integrated: all production phases are carried out on the premises, from joinery and the processing of polyurethane foam, to handcrafting processes such as leather cutting, sewing and upholstering.

The process is then completed by quality control, packaging and shipping.  Production is on a “build to order” basis: the company’s philosophy is to supply the customer with any solution they may require, offering a number of possible combinations and configurations in terms of models and versions, as well as upholstery and recliner options.

Our production is supported by an ERP system on an IBM platform, and by an IT system which monitors and controls the entire production process.

Designed entirely by our technicians to meticulously track each operation in terms of both productivity and quality, it guarantees total traceability of every single one of our products.

The measure of excellence.

For Diva Divani, being specialists is a value that allows us to aim for excellence. We believe that the human factor and talent are key to the growth of the company in order to reach the high standards of quality our customers demand.

The technology must therefore also be exceptional, which is why our processes follow high levels of planning and monitoring through experience and IBM ERP. These allow us to transform a digitalised company into an efficient system both during the production phase and in stock management and logistics, every single day.

The craftsmanship of a sofa is also combined with automated production, by using machines for automatic cutting. This allows us to optimise the consumption of materials, minimising waste as a result and making the work of our employees easier, while fully respecting sustainable development.

The company’s focus increasingly encompasses sustainability, which is why waste and scrap production is extremely limited, and energy and water consumption is constantly optimised and reduced.

Company management is also committed to pursuing goals aimed at improving its employees’ health and safety as a fundamental part of its activity and as a strategic commitment for the future.

and craftsmanship.

The key qualities that each sofa and armchair must possess are comfort, softness and attention to detail.

Special care is taken over the design, and particularly over the materials used: the wood frames and the springs, along with the various kinds of polyurethane filling, covered in Dacron or down, are fundamental to guaranteeing support, elasticity and


A fine selection of fabrics and leathers in a variety of styles and colours offers a wide range of upholstery options, ensuring a highly customisable product.

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