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Our many collaborations with major brands and retail chains, including at an international level, have led us to work with them to design and develop innovative and successful product lines.

Technology, planning and craftsmanship are combined together to manage modelling, materials and delivery times which meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Diva Divani is based in Rosà, in the province of Vicenza: this is where the company manages the entire supply chain and its network of suppliers in Italy and abroad. Rosà is also home to the  administrative offices, the purchasing department and logistics.

The technical and design departments develop and manage the entire process of planning and designing the models, in collaboration with the style departments of our international customers.
Diva Divani benefits from a system of supply chain management which successfully manages a chain with more than 400 employees and a production  capacity of over 4000 units per month. Through innovation and digitalisation, this facility – run directly by Italian managers – has now become a global leader in the upholstered furniture sector.

The control and planning systems and 4.0 technologies allow the company and its customers to guarantee a competitive time to market and a level of quality that meets international standards.

Mission and values.

Diva Divani’s greatest ambition lies in successfully tackling the challenges posed by the market every single day, in terms of both innovation and new trends. We do this by supporting the customer, offering solutions and co-designing with them the most appealing collections and models for the end customer in terms of comfort, elegance, upholstery and sustainability.

The experience and know-how we have gained over the years allow us to create systems and products which cover all market sectors and their various needs, both trade and consumer, becoming the go-to partner for a fully comprehensive range.

Knowledge and specialisation allow the company to establish and manage the best and most extensive collaborations with technical suppliers, both in Italy and abroad, for sofa coverings in fabric, microfibre, synthetic leather and genuine leather.

The perfect partner.

Customers describe Diva Divani as “the perfect partner”. Specialisation, flexibility and drive are the three qualities that set us apart on the market, linking us to the main global players in the upholstered furniture sector.

We take particular care over development and over partnerships with our suppliers, both in Italy and abroad, especially for our leather and fabric coverings and for our automatic mechanisms.

Research and innovation.

Research means listening to and interpreting the needs of an ever-changing society in order to design and produce sofas and comfort solutions that successfully combine design, functionality, practicality and economy.

Diva Divani has an in-house research centre which works with our customers’ design and style departments. Following the engineering phase, prototypes are created and undergo rigorous testing in order to guarantee reliability and longevity, while also focusing on style and finish. Only then can a product development and launch plan be established.

Each product is designed to be comfortable yet refined, with a unique and always distinctive design. Every sofa and armchair is a blend of functionality and aesthetics, each one expressing a design style carried out with meticulous and skilful care.

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